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IRC WebMaker Bugzilla OneAndDone || 3rd August, 2014

Hello All,

We are Back again with another wonderful and energizing event.

#HandsOn Mania!!! Got a tremendous response from the Web Enthusiasts around Hyderabad. This Event which was totally concentrated on #HandsOn was one of the amazing event ever happened. The tag of Hands-On gained a lot of attention from the people.


The event was started by 10:30am where Srikar took initiative and started introduction and the attendees started introducing each other, the excitement was clearly sighted in their eyes and also amazing the attendees were.

Introduction to IRC:
  After introduction the event started with Introduction to IRC(Internet Relay Chat) and how effectively we can use it to communicate with each other and also various tools by which we can connect to IRC such as:
  • ChatZilla (Mozilla browser Plug-in)
  • Mibbit
  • Pidgin, etc
And the immediate demo by connecting to irc.mozilla.org(Server Name) and how to go to different chat rooms such as #MakerParty, #MozillaIndia, etc.

The attendees tried alot and explored the tools and learned to connect to IRC and then we started BugZilla, explaining how it works and what and how can we use and how can we assign bugs and how the comments are placed.

* Break *
Then we had a break for say 10min where the attendees were talking and asking more about ChatZilla Plug-in.

After the break, we started the Hands-On for which attendees were eager to start and work with the collaborative tools.

Introduction to Bugzilla & Mozilla QA:
Srikar then showed a easy place from where the bugs can be sorted out easily according to the attendees interest, that was BugsAhoy - MozillaWiki. Then Srikar started with Mozilla’s QA initiative called OneAndDone, this included working on manual testing, automation, bug verification, mobile testing and more. Tasks are from all QA teams - so you can get involved with Automation, Firefox OS, Desktop Firefox, Mozilla websites, Services, or Thunderbird.

Srikar started showing how to take a task and assign and work on those tasks with some steps to follow and complete the task.


The attendees did very interestingly and completed almost 64+ tasks till now and still some of attendees are going to involved with performing tasks and completing them.

And apart this some attendees were involved in doing Teaching Kits and Maker Makes using WebMaker Tools.

Special Thanks to Collab House for the Event Space and Srikar, Vineel for supporting a lot and make this event successful. :)

At Last I would say today’s event was full pack Entertainment, Excitement and Energetic.

And Last but not least I would like to congratulate Deepak and Akshay for completing the Tasks at #OneAndDone but also for making #WebMaker makes and SOLVING BUGS from Bugzilla..!!
Good one Guys..!!

Event Pics can be found here:

Blogpost of Mozillian:

Raghuram Korukonda

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