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Appthon @ Collab house

Hi Mates,
This is a blog about “Hands-on-session on Firefox OS app development” (a.k.a. Appthon) @ Collab House. This event was hosted by Santosh Viswanatham , Raghu Korukonda  and Harsha . The event witnessed a turn-around of about 30 people including students from 1st year to working people. Everyone reached the venue by 1:45 p.m. with all their laptops ready.  They all felt excited to learn to build an app themselves.
The event kicked off at 2:00 p.m. with a short introduction by everyone including their name, college and their feeling. After that, Santosh Viswanatham gave everyone a brief introduction on how to build apps for Firefox OS and how easy it is to build apps for Firefox OS when compared to building apps for other mobile platforms. After that, he showed everyone how easy it is to build something by making a Hello World application and then showed how to add the app manifest and test our app using the Firefox OS Simulator.

Then everyone started working. A few with Mozilla Webmaker, some with Bugzilla, and the others with developing the Hello World application and testing it on the Firefox OS Simulator. Participants also worked on app maker to try making their first app for Firefox OS. When anyone had a doubt, Santosh ViswanathamRaghu Korukonda and  Harsha were ready to assist them and clear their doubt. This helped the attendees to learn and contribute better. Everyone were busy learning and contributing in some or the other way that no one got to know when the time passed and  reached 6:00 p.m.
Then, as it was getting late and dark, we took a group picture and then everyone started to leave. Everyone were given a “Look Ahead. Firefox OS” sticker which increased everyone’s satisfaction. Then, all the hosts and coordinators sat down together to discuss what can be done in the next week and discussed the feedback given by the attendees. Finally at 7:30, everyone started home.
P.S : It was a fun and a resourceful day for me where I learned a lot of new things and made a lot of new friends. Many people turned up for the event and there was a lot of knowledge sharing. It was a day spent wonderfully and friendly!

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