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App-Sprint @CollabHouse|| 15-11-14

         Have you Ever thought how it looks when Time passes in the reverse direction in your life! Yes.It Happened to me Yesterday.Slept all the morning and stayed Awake all the Night and Finally the Credit goes to App-Sprint,Hyderabad.This is how I just got up and Started writing this Blog

         Apps...Apps...Apps...So Finally Firefox OS Devices are Recently Launched in India for about 3 months ago with the amazing Hardware partners Intex,Spice,Zen and Alcatel thus got Revolutionary sales Statistics. App Sprint which was called out in the Name of Firefox OS App Development received an Amazing response in the city.Registrations are completed in just a span of 2 days and Appsprint got featured as the most popular event on Eventbrite.

Appsprint is one my First Hackthon in which I used WebIDE for Samples and Demos.I Can say it is one of an amazing IDE which I have been looking for to code Firefox OS Apps in a easy and Efficient way. I also Reported bugs for WebIDE at the end of this event.

Topics Covered:
  • Intro to Firefox OS.
  • The Reason Behind Firefox OS.
  • How is it Different from other Mobile Operating Systems.
  • Intro to API's.
  • Web IDE.
  • Demo of a Sample Boilerplate App.
  • 6:00PM-6:30PM Introductory Session
  • 6:30PM-8:30AM Hackathon,Food and Music
  • 8:30AM-9:30AM Demos and Swag Destribution
  • 9:30AM Skype call with Dietrich (Unexpected)

 Started with the Introductions of the Attendees and our Fellow Mozillians We later Directly Jumped into FirfoxOS,WebDev,App Dev and Many more. We had some Amazing Fun games in the middle at night names "Lucky Seven" to cheer the crowd up.Later we ended it up with Early Morning demos and suggestions.

It was an Amazing Experience after all.People with Different Experience level were a part of this Event.There are Students,Open Source contributors,Volunteers,Job Holders,Startup Founders and many others who did a Fantastic Job in Coding Apps for Firefox OS.I could describe them as Open Source Enthusiasts from the time I Spoke with them.They are Open Source Lovers.

  I Know I added a Lot of Images in Between Cause I loved them. Appsprint not only encouraged people to develop Apps for Firefox OS Mobile platform,In addition to this we reported few bugs on WebIDE.

  Thanks You @Collab House,Hyderabad for being such an amazing space for our Hackathon.Thank you Vineel,Galaxy,Srikar,Raghu and the whole FSA Team for all your support and being a part of this Event.

For More Images: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk6cri75

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