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Club Launch @St Peters||20-09-14

       It has been a long time since I wrote a blogpost.Yeah,I miss my writing and Finally I am here to Tell you People about an Amazing Firefox Club Launch which was held at St Peters Engineering College,Hyderabad,India about a day ago.This was my First Club Launch after I got selected as a Regional Ambassador Lead(RAL) for the FSA Program.We took loads of Supercool Images and added most of them in this Blogpost. Happy Reading!! :-)

        It all started in the morning and we reached the venue on time.We were very well received by the Concerned FSA's of that Particular college and their Team in the morning.I was expecting around 70 People for the Launch and as soon as I reached the Auditorium I was surprised to see about 150+ Students and 20 Professors waiting for the Club Launch Party to start. As always it started in the Indian Traditional way with a Welcome song and Lamp Lightening in the presence of all the college Dignitaries,Professors and the fellow audience.


        Later it started with some awesome 2min speeches from the concerned dignitaries regarding advancement in Technologies and the role of Engineers in its development.It encouraged the audience a lot. We Had about 19 fantastic FSA's From that particular college and each of them were very much excited to learn more about Open source and Mozilla.Now its my time to take over the Session. I Used the Following slideshow to continue my Presentation which I made on my way to that Particular College.Ofcourse my PPT is Open Source and you can use the same PPT for your own Club Launch. ;-)

          I Have seen a Mixed crowd from 2nd,3rd and 4th Years of Engineering and Most of them are from Computers Background.We had about 170+ Attendees Including Professors of that Particular College who Stayed throughout my Talk and finally got an Amazing Feedback from them Regarding the Firefox Student Ambassador(FSA) Program and they just Loved the Way Mozilla is Encouraging Students with these Kinds of Programs. I Started of my talk with OpenSource and Open Source Culture on Internet Followed by Mozilla and its Introduction(Vineel, I Copied a few lines from your TED Talk :D ), Various Products of Mozilla,Firefox OS and the reason why it is Built, A short Intro of SuMo and AOA.

           Later I Gave them a Clear view about Firefox Student Ambassador Program,Various activities and Benifits from the Program etc. I was able to see About two Third of the Crowd were Women and Thus I Quickly added Womoz to my Presentation and Speak about the Womoz Program. And Next comes my favourite Track of Webmaker Project. I Spoke about What is Webmaker Project and Why Webmaker Project. Later My Team Sudershan,Sumanth,Sanjay and Harsha Spoke about Each Webmaker Tool and Gave a demo to the audience by making Super Awesome Stuff with X-Ray Goggles,Popcorn Maker and Thimble.

           In the Meanwhile I Had a Discussion with the FSA Team of that Particular College During Lunch Explaining them about various Projects,Products and Programs that were running out in Mozilla and Answering their questions about the FSA Program.

           After Lunch We had a Complete Hands on Appmaker Session and this was the best part throughout the day. We faced few Network issues for 20 mins and in the Mean while we had a Spectogram.We enjoyed a lot in Spectogram debating with the students and Finally making them to agree with one answer. The following three questions were asked in our Spectogram
*Do You want websites to track your data?
*Is Practical teaching Encouraged in Colleges?
*Do you think Opensource is Helpful?

         At the end of the day We got the following amazing metrics
*20+ FSA's were recruited.
*100+ Webmaker.org Accounts were Created.
*80+ Apps were made using Appmaker.
*120+ Web literates
*Lots of Fun and Interactions.

News Paper article : http://epaper.sakshi.com/apnews/Ranga_Reddy/20092014/Details.aspx?id=2462660&boxid=26620392

          Thank You Akshay Adikari ,Sudarshan ,Sumanth For being a part of Such Amazing event and helping me out throughout the day.

Santosh Viswanatham,
ReMo MozillaIN,
Regional Ambassador Lead(RAL).

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