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Grow Mozilla | Vardhaman | 15th September,2014

Hi all,

This is awkward. Well, you may ask why? Bec...aause we didn't plan anything but all of the sudden Akshay Tiwari (ME)  went to Vardhaman College of Engineering on 15th September,2014 to aware people about "Mozilla Mission" and "Open Source" and "How to get involved with contributions" . It was a huge crowd. I had great fun as the Students were very interactive. I gave few people swags who answered the questions put by me.
I started my lecture with explaining what FOSS is? What Mozilla is? Why is Mozilla stressing on
   web neutrality , web literacy and open web? We talked about webmaker and tools. I demonstrated webmaker tools with a hands on session. They really liked what they saw and after the session we had a great chat on the ground with around 20 people surrounding me and asking me various doubts. I had a great experience.
During the session I showed them few videos to inspire everyone out there.

 The first picture is a video which is funny and at the same time very informative. It tells the difference between open source and closed source, you can get the link here to watch that video. :)
 The second picture is a snap of the video i edited to inspire my local community and the whole Mozilla community and to aware them how collaboration works in a particular community.
You can watch it here

We are already getting a great response from the students and we are happy to tell more contributions are coming from Mozilla Club Hyderabad . Thank you Srikar Ananthula, Raghu Ram
 and all the other members of Mozilla club Hyderabad for inspiring me and letting me inspire the vardhaman crowd.
Last but not the least , props to Ganesh Chandra lakkaraju who reached out to us for initiating Mozilla Club in their college. 

Akshay Tiwari,
A proud Mozillian.

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