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Makerparty Hyderabad Highlights !!

Hello Everyone,

        Finally A week left for the Awesome Makerparty Season to end and Here we the Mozilla Club Hyderabad,India are Sharing our Experience through this amazing Video[1]. Here goes the Popcorn Maker make[2].

* 2 Weekends of Planning
* 2 Weekends of TTT Sessions
* 15+ Makerparty Events      
* 3+ Makerparties at Schools
* 1100+ Web literates
* 2 Teaching kits
* 500+ Makes
* 100+ Firefox OS apps using Appmaker
* 2 Webmaker Super Mentors
* 12 Webmaker Mentors

    Along with lots of Fun and Amazing Experiences are shared in webmaker blog [3] [4] [5] !!

         Thanks a Lot for All the people who made this Webmaker Season an amazing one.Thanks a lot Vineel. You are with us from the Day one and this awesomeness would not be possible without you.Thanks a lot +Vineel R. Pindi  +Srikar Ananthula  and  +Raghu ram  for always being with us and Helping people out in Every way possible. Thanks +Akshay Tiwari  for making Such an Amazing video.Thank you Supermentors and Mentors.You People are Amazing and thanks for helping us out.Thanks +Gauthamraj Elango  and +ankit gadgil  for always Encouraging us throughout this season.
          Thanks Amira, Michelle, Kat and Bobby for always encouraging us and Supporting us in Every way Possible.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdApJqOtoko
[2] https://srikar.makes.org/popcorn/29he
[3] https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2014/08/28/74-countries-and-counting-mozillas-maker-party-increases-web-literacy-across-the-globe/
[4] https://blog.webmaker.org/sweden-columbia-mauritius-maker-party-roundup-week-8
[5] https://blog.webmaker.org/uganda-cape-town-india-and-more-a-maker-party-event-roundup

Santosh Viswanatham,
ReMo Mozilla-India,
Webmaker Supermentor.

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