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A Mozillian's Inception

Here we go!
How it all started? wanna know?
What did it give me? what things did i lose , when it entered my life?
The “it” refers to Mozilla.
It all started on January 18th, 2014 at Sri Nidhi Institute of Science and Technology when i attended my first event conducted by Mozilla community called the “App Days” Capture I know that HTML was used to build website  but never knew , we could make Apps out of it. I realized , The technology and effort are inversely proportional. With the growth in technology , the efforts put by human can be reduced.  As it was 24 hours Appathon, i got to learn many things about HTML and CSS. Later that night, I talked to this guy, “Santosh Viswanatham” who was a random guy who told me how Mozilla changed his life and how he contributed to Mozilla community and became a rep. Now, we are good friends. :D
After the event, i was back to my boring college life that i couldn’t gather time to learn more about the community.
It took me a really long time to realize the stupidity i was doing , brought  back my senses and attended “Mozilla Bootcamp 1.0” on 20 July,2014 organized by Mozilla Club Hyderabad. I met many Open  source lovers and being one of them, i felt like being home. 14522575798_bbbac1bb04_o

I will list out few people, who mentored me through out my Mozilla life up to date.
1. Srikar Ananthula
2.Raghu Ram
3.Santosh Vishwanathan
These three supported me from day 1 to where i am today(26-august-2014). They helped me from how to get started? to how to go forward in life?
I learned a lot from  Mozilla Hyderabad community in very few days and in a span of a month, Santosh gave me a chance to give lecture(session) in CVSR college , which went really good. I look forward to contribute more for Mozilla community as a developer and as a community builder.
Wish me luck and don’t forget the Fire(FOX). He is so cute ^_^
Thank you.
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