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Club Launch and Makers Party at NMREC || 16th Aug,2014

Hello! guyz
It was a wonderful experiance in Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College with Harhsa Bandaru, Kalyan Dekshit, Santosh Viswanatham, SaiCharan Reddy ,Praneeth VK and Dyvik  and Hitesh,.
The event  hosted in NMREC on 16th august ,2014
Starting with the event we got a great intro about our selves by Hitesh Bandaru
we started the event with  an intro about what exactly the Mozilla is and its mission with the cool presentation given by Santosh and also shown the Mozilla mission videos and how to contribute to Open Source and what all the products does the Mozilla deal with  ........
Firefox Browser , Firefox OS, Persona, WEB Maker ,Bugzilla, Market Place........explained in detail with all the products of Mozilla a session by Santosh Viswanatham
Then after we had a web maker party started with the detailed description of the web maker tools from the scratch

1. X-ray Goggles
------We had shown a demo how to deal with the X-ray Goggles  and how its is different from the Google chrome inspecting elements -Session handled by Kalyan Dekshit
2.Pop-Corn maker
------We had explained the students how to make our own videos and edit videos using pop corn maker -Session handled by Dyvik
------As many of the students already know what is html . So,they shown pretty interest in Thimble how it works -Session Handled by Sai Charan Reddy
3.App Maker
-----This was the interesting aspect of the event as all of the students took part in the event and shown pretty interest to learn , so we had shown how to develop some cool mobile applications with the app maker and explained about the all bricks in app maker and also shown few makes by Mozilla Hyderabad contributors- Session handled by Harsha Bandaru

After the web maker party we took a feed back from the students and asked them to contribute to Mozilla  and  told them about the Mozilla Club Hyderabad and the events hosted in Collab House and given the links and asked them to follow us for future updates
Asked the Students To Grab some Goodies ..........

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