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Mozilla Makerparty Hyderabad 1.0 || 20-7-2014

Hi All,

We had an exciting Makerparty Hyderabad this weekend.  The day was all set with excitement, many students showed interest and attended the event which was held at +CollabHouse.

The Makerparty was started with introduction of the attendees(Name, where are they from & what is their current mood).

Santosh hosted Spectogram i.e, to make the attendees comfortable to speak, the activity includes a general questions such as:
  1. Practical teaching in colleges 
  2. Contributing to Opensource is Helpful (Yes/No).
  3. I don't mind if websites Track my data. (Yes/No)
  4. I think it is important to learn How web works. (Yes/No)
Where the attendees were excited, enjoyed and also gave so many inputs on each topic.

Then the Makerparty was followed by fun interactive activity, where we the attendees were asked to:
* Meet a new person in the room and "Greet like your Best friend" whom you are meeting after a long time, where the attendees interacted and introduced with attendees whom they have never known before. 
* "Appreciate" where the attendees appreciated each other by introducing them and Appreciating them for some reason(wearing a good t-shirt.) 

After some icebreaking sessions, it was time for "Agenda Brainstorming Using Post-It Notes" where attendees had to answer about their expectations, what they want to learn from the day, such as:
  1. What do you want to learn & what are your plans to implement that for this weekend. ?
  2. What knowledge/Skills you want to share with others ? 
  3. What topics should we be sure to cover this weekend ?

All the participants listed their interest, inputs for the event agenda. The main points were:
* What is Mozilla and why contribute to it?
* What is Mozilla Webmaker and how to get involved?
* Background on Mozilla community in India.
* Learn about AppMaker
* Learn about building Apps for Firefox OS. 

+Vineel started with introducing about Mozilla Vision, Mission and Programs of Mozilla Community.
+Srikar Ananthula introduced with various Mozilla products/projects and the way to contribute towards each of them. 

In the post break event we split the attendees into six groups with a mentor for each group who can showcase them Hands-on with Web maker Tools(X-Ray GogglesThimblePopcorn Maker). After the break the teaching went on with the help of mentors - Santosh, Srikar, Raghu Ram, Harsha Bandaru, Sudarshan, Sumanth, Mukesh and Veera Manikanta. And finally the attendees steal the show by demonstrating beautiful Webmaker makes! As it was already getting late, we had to call it a day and plan for AppMaker training for next weekend. Overall the day was filled with teaching, making, hacking and fun! 

Thanks a lot VineelSantoshSrikar for supporting us and helping out throughout the event. Thanks to Collab House for supporting with the venue, internet.

Atlast attendees helped in making an awesome teaching kit based on the event format, check the link below:

And Thanks all for attending and making the Makerparty Hyderabad successful. :)

Here are some more awesome photos from the event: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mozillaindia/sets/72157645408091410/

Raghuram Korukonda

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