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AppMaker-Mania| 27-07-14

           App Maker Mania!!! Called out a week before got a tremendous response from the web enthusiasts around Hyderabad. The Event which was totally concentrated on one of the Amazing webmaker tools AppMaker. This gained a lot of attention from the people.


 Started at 1:00PM, should end up at 5:00PM continued till 6:30 on the request of participants. It all started with our Introductions of attendees in the format which we generally follow as below
1.Your Name
2.Your college
3.What do you feel right now.

    Then it continued with Spectogram. Spectogram turned out to be more interesting this time as there were distributed opinions for our Questions and they began to convince each other with their views.

  We continued dividing them into teams and each team has an experienced mentor associated with them. As it was a Total Hands-on AppMaker development session our format worked very well and got great response from the attendees.

       The mostly heard question from all throughout the event was "Can we really build a mobile app without having any Coding Knowledge?" . The crackers,music makers,counters,videos,media elements excited them a lot. People created their own facebook login pages and gmail login pages using App Maker.

  One of the Attendee designed a feedback system[1] for our Event using AppMaker. The most interesting thing about the Makes are most of them  used Mozilla Theme in their apps.eg:using a fox for the background of Apps etc. To make the event more interesting the Mentors introduced X-ray Goggles and people started playing with it. Everyone got their own Google Homepage with their name on it like 'Google Santosh' in place of 'Google India' and that made our maker party more Wonderful and Complete.

  Thank you Vineel,Srikar,Harsha and Raghu for always being with me in organising such an Amazing Maker Party.

  Thanks to Webmaker mentors Kalyan Deekshit,Sudarshan,Sumanth,Sanjay,Mukesh,Harsha and Sai charan for Mentoring and making it such a Productive Maker Party.
  Thank you all!

[1]. https://dark-aunt-743.webmak.es/install

Few other makes


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