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BootCamp @Hyderabad || 29-06-14

Hey People,
     Join us for this Meet this Sunday on 29th June 2014 was the call made my Mozilla Club Hyderabad and it was named as Boot Camp Hyderabad. The day was all set, many showed interest and got registered to the event.
Seeing the Agenda of Boot Camp Hyderabad, the newbie’s and Mozillians have visited the Collab House(Venue) before the actual start time of the event i.e 2p.m. The main goal to this event is to Welcome the interested newbie’s into Mozilla Community and brainstorm them with the Mozilla - Mission, Projects, Products and Programs.  

The Boot Camp started with introduction about themselves. Later Vikas took over the session and started to discuss about the Webmaker Project and its tools (X-ray googles, Thimble and Popcorn). Vikas gave a clear view of the Maker Party which is going to start from July 15th- September 15th and gave away important tips to make the Maker party successful.  Vikas ended his session with a   Q&A.

Later Santosh has given a very clear view and vision to all the newbie’s about different projects by telling how you can interact with them. He started with Localization project for people who can better translate English to there local languages, following with Army of Awesome, Firefox OS App Development, MDN and Bugzilla for technical people.

After some discussions with newbie’s and Mozillians , Vineel Reddy decided to energize everyone with a fun game and I personally named it as Spread the Knowledge. The game goal is to share your views about  any topic which will be beneficial to others (not only abut Mozilla, it also included dance, cooking ideas etc) and for every game there are rules, even we have a rule that we need to go to a stranger in the hall and Spread the Knowledge we have. Later, each and every person in hall was asked to share what he learned new from others.

             With this all fun activities and brainstorming, we have been handed a sticky note to write down the ideas or Bugs which will help Mozilla Community to get better and everyone had there points. Even though Vineel called it for day the newbie’s were very much interested to know more about Mozilla and how to start there contributions. Happy to see that and soon the Hyderabad Club is getting ready to see a new Transformation (as Optimus Prime in Transformers ) ;). 

    Thanks a lot Vineel and Vikas for Supporting us and encouraging us in this Event. Thank you Sai Kiran for Helping us out with your presence in the Meet.

Thank you All!

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