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Mozilla Club Initative by Aurora Technological and Research Institute | 14th September,2013

Hi all, thank you for joining us. Today I want to share my experience about Mozilla as a Firefox Student Ambassador, which gave me few credits from C.S.E department (faculty and students). I would thank Srikar Ananthula and Raghuram Korukonda for this!!!! Okay now let me tell you how Mozilla-Firefox got started in my campus.

Event Page Link : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozilla-club-initiative-atri/

The representatives of Mozilla had arrived to seminar hall at 10.00 A.M and students are slowly taking their chairs in the hall. While students were settling, we checked all our arrangements are up-to felt tensed at one point and thanks to my Club mates they acted cool in that point.

Time has come to start the session, took the mike introduces myself as representing Mozilla-Firefox as student ambassador for 2013-2014. Now our guest orator took the floor and started his seminar with a question which made interactive.Then started introduced about him to students and started telling about Mozilla and its uses which makes life easy.
session was followed with :
  •  Mozilla & Its Products.
  • What is Mozilla Mission ?
  • Mozilla Manifesto Video!!
  • About Firefox OS!!
  • Firefox OS App Demo!!
  • How to contribute to Mozilla?
  • Q & A
Now after seeing unprecedented response and excitement to Mozilla-Firefox program, we have formed a club and we are going to start telling student to use Mozilla products and find-out what about them by organizing competitions and program in campus.

Logo Of Aurora Technological and Research Institute :

Goal Of Aurora Technological and Research Institute
  • To organize events on Mozilla products and promote them in campus. 
  • To make people put their thinking hat on.
  • Make it easy ans useful for everyone to learn. 

Credits :
First of all things I would like to thank Miss.Sujatha madam (Head Of Department of C.S.E ) for accepting our proposal and encouraging us to introduce Firefox Club in Campus and organize events on Mozilla. Hope we continue getting support in future from Miss.Sujatha madam and students as-well.

Now, I would thank our speaker Mr.Srikar Ananthula & Mr. Raghuram Korukonda for their support which was awesome.  They are good orator and makes things interesting and interactive, my friends who where present in session were thanking me for organizing the session the only reason of Mr.Srikar Ananthula & Mr. Raghuram Korukonda cause they share their experience and life in I.T industry as well-as Mozilla Representative.


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Charan Reddy,

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