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MozMantra 2013 @ NIT Warangal | 30th March,2013

Hi all,

          The Mozilla Event name "Moz Mantra" which held as the in celebration of 15 years of mozilla on 30th March, 2013 and committed to host it every year.

One of the top 10 institutes of INDIA i.e., National Institute of Technology (NIT) in there about 122 members have actively participated in the event.

The event had sessions

  1. Openweb session by +MERAJ IMRAN 
  2. Products of Mozilla by +hema bhanu 
  3. Introduction to IRC , Mailing lists,How to contribute to Mozilla by +MERAJ IMRAN
  4. WebFWD Session by +Srikar Ananthula (Me)

Mozilla WebFWD session made students very interesting to know more about Entrepreneurship and how to get started with startups, which made students to ask questions and  get clarified.

I can say I am very much proud being a WebFWD Scout and  I am working with the team

Video by Didem Ersoz about WEBFWD Programme and its process of selection made students more and more interesting & solved most of the doubts of the students.:)

-----------------------------------------  LUNCH ----------------------------------
  1.  Web Development by SudheeshSinganamalla
  2. Localization by Abhishek
  3. Firefox Flicks by +MERAJ IMRAN 
  4.  Discussion regarding next activities with +sai kiran (2nd Mozilla Rep in our state :P)
 Event ended with great feedback, so very very happy to be a part of Mozilla Community.

Special thanks to one and all who made it very successful. :)

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